Small Business Website Builders

Traditionally getting a website for your business meant spending thousands of dollars on a designer, software, support and hosting. This is not the case anymore.

In the last few years a number of technologies have been developed that will allow even the most novice user to build their own website for their business.

This White Paper was written so you could compare the leading website builders and find the one that is perfect for your business needs.


We asked both novice and advanced users to build the best website possible with on each of the leading website builders.

The builder that was the best in a particular category received top marks while the others received a score in relation to the best builder.

The best website building technologies were compared by the following conditions:

* Ease of use – how easy and intuitive the builder was * Speed of mastery – time it took to learn how to use it
* Professional looks – give clean and good presentation * Quality of features – power and diversity of tools
* Flexibility – ability to change with your business needs * Scalable – ability to grow with your company
* Usability – would visitors enjoy using the site  

Research Team

Two people were chosen to oversee the research, Mr. Gerod Floyd and Mr. Garfield McCormick.

Mr. Floyd was chosen to complete this white paper because he not only consults on helping small businesses expand their operations, but has also been an owner of several successful businesses himself.

The second person is Mr. Garfield McCormick. Mr. McCormick is the owner of TheWebsiteDoctor.com and consults on business website usability and performance. Mr. McCormick’s experience in what makes a website work was determined valuable in comparing website building technologies. The evaluation and comments are purely the opinions of our research team. Neither Mr. Floyd nor Mr. McCormick were paid for their contribution nor have any shares in any of the companies reported.

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