Small Business Website Builders

Traditionally getting a website for your business meant spending thousands of dollars on a designer, software, support and hosting. This is not the case anymore.

In the last few years a number of technologies have been developed that will allow even the most novice user to build their own website for their business.

This White Paper was written so you could compare the leading website builders and find the one that is perfect for your business needs.


We asked both novice and advanced users to build the best website possible with on each of the leading website builders.

The builder that was the best in a particular category received top marks while the others received a score in relation to the best builder.

The best website building technologies were compared by the following conditions:

* Ease of use – how easy and intuitive the builder was * Speed of mastery – time it took to learn how to use it
* Professional looks – give clean and good presentation * Quality of features – power and diversity of tools
* Flexibility – ability to change with your business needs * Scalable – ability to grow with your company
* Usability – would visitors enjoy using the site  

Research Team

Two people were chosen to oversee the research, Mr. Gerod Floyd and Mr. Garfield McCormick.

Mr. Floyd was chosen to complete this white paper because he not only consults on helping small businesses expand their operations, but has also been an owner of several successful businesses himself.

The second person is Mr. Garfield McCormick. Mr. McCormick is the owner of TheWebsiteDoctor.com and consults on business website usability and performance. Mr. McCormick’s experience in what makes a website work was determined valuable in comparing website building technologies. The evaluation and comments are purely the opinions of our research team. Neither Mr. Floyd nor Mr. McCormick were paid for their contribution nor have any shares in any of the companies reported.

Work from Home Online Jobs

The Six Simple Steps to Online Success:

This web site has now hit the top 3% no it’s the top 1% of web sites accordingly to Alexa.com. and that’s out of 16.6 million sites, not bad Eh!! Bit of a brag there, Sorry.

What’s Your Dream?

Wouldn’t you love to kiss your boss goodbye and work from home? You can do this easily by putting all your efforts into something that will return you 100% of the profits, not just 10% like most day jobs. (Just Over Broke)

Work at home part time until you become profitable. When this happens you will be able to work at home full time, ( Just like us)

giving up that low paid day job is the BEST move you will ever make.

Wouldn’t you like to work at home part time?

Here’s How to do it!!

“Free online courses to get you started:”

Step 1 in the simple process is:
To download some free online courses
to get you started so that you will be able to work at home: free online courses that will teach you almost everything that you need to know too make money at home. These free courses are designed and written in an easy to understand format that will have your new home based business up and running as soon as humanly possible.

free online courses.Click here to take the 1st step

“Selling products as an affiliate”

Step 2 In the process is:

Is all about getting yourself a product or products to sell for your new web site and business.
It is not hard to make money from home
and the affiliate programs that you find in Step 2 will give you a large number of different products that you can sell and thus, earn yourself a great income on the Internet.

Further along in the simple process you will learn how to create your own products which will enable you to keep 100% of the profits for yourself and your family.

best internet affiliate programs.Click here to take the 2nd step

“Web Hosting, Your biggest Decision”

Step 3 In this Step you will make:

The big Decision: The quality of the web hosting that you choose is not only the biggest decision that you need to make but also the most important one of your business life when you decide to work at home.

Your choice, if you follow our recommendation will make the job of
building a top selling web site just like Childs play.
You must choose the best hosting if you want to succeed.

The web hosting program
that we will recommend to you carries our 6 star rating, the only program to do so on this web site.

The best affordable web hosting.Click here to take the 3rd step

“Your E-zine and it’s importance”

Step 4 Is about:

Setting up your own E-zine or newsletter and getting it published to the Internet. Your E-zine will give you more avenues of income as opposed to just having a web site.

Your newsletter will also drive more targeted traffic to your web site and affiliate URL’s. Setting up your own E-zine is a vital step in successfully marketing on the world wide web.

Creating your own e-zine or news letter.Click here to take the 4th step

“Advertising your business”

Step 5 In this step you will discover why you should advertise your business and website. There are a number of free places that you can advertise your site and products, plus there are a few places that you can pay to put your ads on. Advertising is a vital step that you will need to take.

How to advertise your site and offers.Click here to take the 5th step

“E-books that you need to read”

Step 6 In this section you will find 7 E-books that we highly recommend you read, to further your knowledge and ability.

There are literally thousands of E-books available but these 7 are the only ones that we consider essential, especially for the beginner.

In fact they are suitable for the hardened veteran also.

The 7 crucial e-books that you need to read.Click here to take the 6th step

There are many more information pages in this site for you. Dealing with:

1)Search engines,


3)web hosting options,

4)Affiliate directories and much more:

Work at home now. You can do exactly that if you Start your own home based business.

The Six Simple Steps to Online Success will guide you around the pitfalls as you work from home, help you over the bumps and show you how to avoid the scammers, the hype’s and other low lifers who just want to rip you off. We care about you and will help you as you take the short journey to Online Success and begin to work from home.

Setting up your home based business is the stuff that dreams are made of and millions of people would love to do just that, but they don’t, Why?

You do not need the brains of an Einstein, The stamina of a world class athlete or the budget of Bill Gates if you you would love to work from home. Here are the reasons people don’t start their own work from home jobs:


No motivation.

A misconceived lack of ability.

No patience.

No persistence.

Too expensive.

The Six Simple Steps to Online success is just that, six steps only to change you from a newbie into someone who can market successfully on the internet and enjoy the rewards of a work from home type job, why don’t you start your own home based business now and work at home part time reaping the benefits for yourself and your family:

If you would love to work from home follow the Six Step Process it’s easy:

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Wishing you every success: Chris & Heather

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